Some basic facts about the brain:

  • Our brains have about 100 Billion neurons that form infinitely larger number of connections.
  • It is not the size of the brain that matters, but the number of these connections, they are responsible for how well our brain functions
  • There is a left and the right sides of the brain (hemispheres). These hemispheres perform different functions and alternatively dominate the opposite side of our bodies
  • Brain weights about 3 pounds (only 2% of average person’s weight), but consumes about 20-25% of the oxygen and blood.
  • Our brains are responsible for many body functions and all our senses
  • The brain has a capacity to store the equivalent of over 100 million books.

SuperBrain Yoga Increases Alpha Wave Activity.

Everybody knows, brain is the most important organ for the functioning of the human being. Our memory, senses, intelligence, communication and functions of our body all depend on our brain.
There are several different ways that brain functions and activities are measures including measure brain waves frequency and synchronisation between activities of the different parts of the brain (left/right, front/back).

EKG of the brain of a 16-year-old Control and a Regular Practitioner


Brain waves fall into different frequency categories:

  • Beta Beta is the most normal brain state. The range of the Beta waves is between 15 and 30 Hz. Beta brain waves indicate normal waken state of the brain, with our normal every day activities, logical and fully conscious.
  • Alpha – Range of Alpha waves is between 9 and 14 Hz. Alpha brain waves indicate relaxed and calm state of our mind, this state is conductive to meditation and creative activities, most of the creative activities and intuitive problem solving happens in the Alpha state. The most common notion of Alpha state is the state between sleep and wakefulness.
  • Theta Theta waves range between 4 and 8 Hz. Theta state of our brain is characterized by deep relaxation, meditation, and intuitive revelations.
  • DeltaDelta is the slowest range of brain waves – 1 to 3 Hz. Our brains are in theDelta states during deep dreamless sleep and very deep meditation state.

While our brains are in the Alpha states, we’re usually at best at what we do. The most creative and inspiring work happen while we’re in the Alpha state. Athletes are knows to be in the “zone” while at peak of their performance. Then their brains are examined during these states it’s is observed that their brains are in the Alpha state. The most creative work of art, music, poetry, comes to the artists while they’re in the alpha state. The most creative and brilliant ideas come to the scientists while their brains are in the Alpha state.

We can see and tell how being in the Alpha state is very beneficial for many areas of our life and daily activities, study, work and creativity.

During the studies that were done with SuperBrain Yoga, it was observed that Alpha waves activity increases immediately after performing SuperBrain Yoga for only 1 min. Regular SuperBrain Yoga practitioners consistently enjoy much more time in the Alpha state then regular people, thereby increasing their memory, creativity, intuition, and overall health.

Trimaps of Brain activity of a practitioner and a control

Another way of measure brain activity is Brain Synchronization.
As we have left and right brain hemispheres, there are also front and back parts of the brain. Brain waves are independent within the right and left hemispheres, and then these waves are on the different frequencies our brains function in a one-sided manner: either more left or more right oriented.
We know that each brain hemisphere is responsible for the different type of activities of the brain.

Left brain is predominantly:

  • Logical
  •  Rational
  •  Sequential
  •  Analytical
  •  Structural
  • Objective
  • Conscious
Left brain is responsible for:

  • Giving and taking verbal instructions
  • Planning
  • Rational thinking and understanding
  • Talking and Writing
  • Controlling our feelings
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Looking at parts

Brain activity of a regular practitioner.

Right brain is predominantly:

  • Random
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Simultaneous
  • Holistic
  • Subjective
  • Unconscious
Right Brain responsible for:

  • Giving and taking demonstrative instructions
  • Understanding patterns and similarities
  • Fluid and spontaneous responses
  • Creative activities (drawing, arts, music)
  • Expressing feelings
  • Looking at the whole

When our brains are synchronised – then both parts of our brains have the same frequency and equally active, we’re able to achieve amazing result in any undertaking; be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

SuperBrain Yoga is proven to synchronise our brains just after 1 minute of exercising and regular practice of SuperBrain Yoga increases prolonged periods of our brains being synchronised.
Examinations of SuperBrain Yoga practitioners with EEG and Brain Maps, show that their brains are fully synchronised, balanced and that Alpha waves are much more active in their brains than compared to non-practitioners. This brings overall health, emotional stability, mental clarity, and access to creative and intuitive powers on a much higher and deeper level to all the people who practice SuperBrain Yoga, regardless of their age, mental or physical abilities.

Immediate Effects of SuperBrain Yoga, 15 minutes.